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Soft bristled toothbrushes are recommended over hard bristled brushes.

We can look at your bite to see if it's crooked and affecting your TMJ situation.

There are mouth guards you can get from our dental office that can help you with migraine headaches as well as stress related teeth grinding.

We are a dental practice that offers emergency dental care.

We are a local dental practice that offers all types of dental sedation to help you relax.

We use digital x-rays in our office that give you much less radiation.

Having clean, fresh breath is something everyone wants and everyone can have if they brush and floss regularly.

People who have dry mouth may not realize the effects less saliva can have on your teeth.

Taking care of your teeth on a daily basis is important for your overall health.

Having a healthy mouth can help you have a healthier body.

Dental crowns are put in to save the original tooth from being damaged any further.

Be sure you don't leave your baby go to sleep with a bottle because even breast milk has enough sugar in it to cause tooth decay to start very young.

Some kids think an electric toothbrush is more fun than a regular toothbrush.

03/09/17 04:39:43 PM

Many people don't realize that tooth decay and bacteria can travel throughout your body and cause big problems.

03/07/17 09:47:44 PM

Our local dental office has many different ways to straighten your teeth.

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